What is Tanzine Aura Quartz?

Tanzine Aura quartz, also known as Indigo Aura and Tanzan Aura, is a precious stone of the Indigo Ray. It is a crystal with high energy vibration. It is incredibly beneficial to people with strong intuitions such as card readers, energy healers and shamans. It is also helpful to anyone who wants to become more conscious of the subtle dimensions.

What are the metaphysical properties of this quartz crystal?

Tanzine is one of the most beautiful crystals you can find today. There are many metaphysical benefits of this stone, which have been discussed below. Some of these properties are similar to that of other crystal stones, while others are unique in their own way. 

  • It can incite your mind and heart to be at their best.
  • It activates the throat chakra and enhances one’s communication abilities.
  • It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.
  • It enhances one’s psychic abilities.
  • It strengthens one’s ability to speak from the higher mind.
  • It amalgamates all aspects of communication and intuition and makes the bearer a better communicator.
  • It offers protection and provides a sense of safety to the wearer at all times.
  • It helps you understand yourself better.
  • It breaks the self-limiting concepts that you may have about yourself.
  • It is used to treat various kinds of problems such as skin disorders, eye disorders, fever, inflammation, etc.

Are there any physical benefits of keeping this crystal or wearing it?

Apart from the metaphysical benefits, there are some physical benefits of this stone, which are mentioned below.

  • It purifies the bloodstream.
  • It nourishes the cells and tissues.
  • It improves your complexion.
  • It strengthens the body.
  • It fixes the misalignment of the spines.
  • It brings the immune system into balance.
  • It helps in lowering high blood pressure.
  • It fixes most brain-related impairments.
  • It can be therapeutic in hypertension.
  • It is beneficial for people who have diabetes.
  • It aids in the treatment of pneumonia.

Are there any emotional/mental benefits of keeping this crystal or wearing it?

There are a lot of emotional and mental benefits of wearing this stone. Some of these are:

  • It makes you capable of understanding others on a deeper level.
  • It makes you sympathize with others on a deeper emotional level.
  • With this crystal by your side, you can grow in your spiritual path and gain the capability to access deeper spiritual knowledge.
  • It serves as a psychic liberating and purifying agent.
  • It helps you develop a sense of unity.
  • It enables you to improve your self-knowledge.

What are the things Tanzine aura quartz can protect you against?

There are a lot of things that can cause harm to the human mind and body. Wearing this crystal or just having it around you can prove to be a protective shield for you in a number of ways. It is especially beneficial as a source of psychic protection. It can protect your mind from negativity around you. It can keep you safe from the stress of other people you come across every day.

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