What is Rose Aura Quartz?

As the name suggests, Rose Aura Quartz is one of the most beautiful crystals you can find today. This powerfully attractive stone is formed as a result of bonding platinum fumes with clear quartz in a high vacuum chamber.

In this article, you are going to learn about the properties and benefits related to this stone. 

So, let’s get started.

What are the metaphysical properties of this quartz crystal?

There are many fascinating things about this crystal that makes this one of the best in the crystal world. When we talk about the metaphysical properties of this stone, it is known for stimulating the heart chakra and the pineal gland. Here are some of the metaphysical properties of this stone that you should know about:

  • It makes you feel confident about your actions.
  • It cures the tired mind and makes you ready for more action.
  • It helps you move on and regain lost optimism.
  • It provides youthful energy into your body.
  • It draws in joy and happiness into your heart and soul.
  • It makes you more sympathetic natured.
  • It brings your mind and body into balance.
  • It removes unwanted attitudes and beliefs from your mind.
  • It stimulates a sense of self-worth within you.

Are there any physical benefits of keeping this crystal or wearing it?

Apart from the metaphysical benefits of this crystal, there are some physical benefits of this stone which are mentioned below.

  • It can stimulate your immune system.
  • It can amplify the body’s energy and bring it into balance.
  • It has an uplifting energy that circulates throughout the body.
  • It brings a sense of balance in the body.
  • It works wonderfully in soothing burns.
  • It helps young girls cope with the arrival of puberty and deal with menstrual problems.

Are there any emotional/mental benefits of wearing it?

Like most other crystals, this one has tons of emotional benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It helps you overcome deeply rooted negative beliefs about your self-worth.
  • It uplifts your mood and brings your mind to a peaceful state.
  • It helps you deal with rejection.
  • It helps you deal with body image issues or abuse.
  • It lets you come into terms with past traumas.
  • It makes you aware of the energies in the world around you.
  • It enables you to communicate in a better way in difficult situations.
  • It helps us to love ourselves.
  • It relieves you from the feelings of anger.

What is its significance in spirituality?

Rose Aura Quartz is an amazing crystal stone for energy healers, and people who work with high vibrations. Here are some of the points that signify the importance of this crystal in spirituality:

  • It helps you come into terms with the spiritual purpose in life. 
  • It helps in cleansing both our chakras and our aura. 
  • It boosts our psychic abilities and our intuition 
  • It promotes your ability to connect with the Angelic Realms. 
  • It makes it easier for you to connect with your own personal spirit guide.

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